Foreclosure Intervention Services

Central Islip Civic Council Helps Residents Avoid Foreclosure

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Counseling focuses on understanding the root cause and severity of the delinquency, followed by a determination of the extent of resources required to resolve the problem. Options are presented to the client, such as arranging for reinstatement plans with creditors, the liquidation of assets, budgeting, and money management, locating alternative housing, outside referral, and finally, the foreclosure process.

Loss Mitigation Includes preventing foreclosure proceedings and negotiating with the lenders to determine which one of their programs works
best for the consumer’s needs. Several options can be discussed, such as loan modification, short sale, and re-payment plan, to name a few. The goal is retaining the home, preventing foreclosure, and preserving the client’s credit rating.

Housing Counselors:
(631) 348-0669 Ext. 20 – Lola Harvey, Housing Counselor
(631) 348-0669 Ext. 22 – Estela Barros, Spanish-speaking Housing Counselor

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