Community Events

Festivals, activities, expos, and/or workshops are open to all families

Public events at no cost to families

The Central Islip Civic Council offers public events at no cost to families. These festivals, activities, expos, and/or workshops are open to all families interested in attending. The Historic Heines Homestead, home of the Central Islip Civic Council, is the perfect backdrop for a variety of events.

Every year we hold our annual festival where over 200 adults and children enjoy free games, tours, and visits with our volunteer beekeeper and blacksmith. Various other events, including a summer Girl Scout Reading program, were held onsite. We participate in community-based initiatives that meet monthly with other, not for profit agencies, local government officials, town council members, businesses, churches, our school district, and youth groups to address the current needs of the community and enhance programming. We collaborate in events, meetings, and host expos for and with these organizations.

Join us in transforming Central Islip

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