First-Time Homebuyer Program

Learn How to Buy Your First Home with the Central Islip Civic Council

Get the Help You Need to Buy Your First Home

The program includes an introduction to homeownership, income and affordability of housing, the down payment and closing costs, the mortgage process, and life as a homeowner. Specific segments include the road to homeownership, money management, shopping for a home, purchasing, mortgage selection, and closing.

We can provide first-time homebuyers with the necessary certification required to be eligible to receive grants. The certificate requirements include attending an 8-hour course and a one-to-one housing counseling appointment with one of our Housing Counselors. Currently, the The 8-hour course is being held online with our partnership with Simply go to their website and sign up. When you are given the opportunity to choose an agency, choose the Central Islip Civic Council. The first-time homebuyer certificate is good for one year.

Housing Counselor:
(631) 348-0669 Ext. 19 – Joan Minniti, Executive Director

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